Direct purchase of your home, a joint venture to help you sell it, or simply doing a clean-out for you

Direct Sale

If you wish to sell your home AS-IS for cash, please call or email this site. I will personally answer your call, and/or reply to your email. After our initial communication, we will visit your property and give you a quote within 24 hours. No need to clean-out or do any repairs! If you accept our offer, it is possible to go to settlement in as early as 10-14 days. We work with you on YOUR timetable. Settlement can be when you are ready. Totally hassle free!

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Joint Venture

This unique option includes you in an easy, hassle-free process of selling your property! With a joint venture to help you sell your home, our team can enter into an agreement with you to handle all of the repairs, upgrades, inspections, marketing of the home, and its sale. You would receive an agreed-upon amount from the sale.  It’s that simple! We will take the anxiety out of selling your home! This is how I sold the home that brought me to create this company! Please call or email me for more details and the benefits of selling your house this way!

My Story

As I’ve mentioned before, I myself am the Trustee of a Trust that had a property that was in need of a lot of work and repair. Faced with the choices of selling the house AS-IS or spending thousands of dollars to fix up the property for sale, I decided to contact different “house flippers” to see what they would offer. I was very unhappy and disappointed with the experience.

Fortunately, I was able to reach out to two people with a real estate business and devise this plan whereby the Trust kept ownership of the property and their company agreed to front the cost to renovate the home, take care of revocations, market the property and sell the property. Out of the settlement, the trust would receive the pre-determined price. If the market took a downward turn, I still was guaranteed that pre-determined price for the trust. The project could not have worked out better. They came in and took care of the legal matters, worked out any title issues in advance, renovated the property [from new roof to new kitchen, landscaping, and the like], and marketed the property. We settled on the property within 60 days from the time we entered into our joint venture until the time we settled. Their costs were reimbursed from the settlement. This worked out so well that I decided to form this company to work with them! With them as my Associates, we partner up to work as a great team!

– Kristine Dick, President

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If you wish to simply have a clean-out of your home/property, please call or email this site. I will personally answer your call, and/or reply to your email. After our initial contact, we will visit your property, and give you a quote. Upon acceptance of our quote, we will coordinate a convenient time to take care of the removal and disposal of the items you identify. No clean-out is too big!

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