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About KMDick Real Estate Investments, LLC

I formed this company as a result of my own experience in trying to sell a home. I am the Trustee of a Trust that had a property that was in need of a lot of work and repair. Faced with the choices of selling the house AS-IS or spending thousands of dollars to fix up the property for sale, I decided to reach out to various “house flippers.” I was so not pleased with how I was treated and how callous some of their approaches were to simply make an offer for the home AS-IS. One man looked at the property, gave a fast quote and walked passed me back to his car without even speaking to me about my concerns! Luckily, I was able to find two people with a real estate business who helped me out better than I could have imagined! We entered into an agreement and the home was sold at a 10% higher price than any other offer I had received from the other “house flippers.” The process went very smoothly, exceeded my expectations, and turned out so well that I decided to form this company to work with them. They have become my associates! I want you to have a similar experience. Whether it is a direct purchase of your home, a joint venture to help you sell your home, or just cleaning it out for you, let me help you!

Additionally, I’m a Penn State graduate with Bachelors Degree in Economics and a Certificate in Leadership and Management from Wharton; a past Chief Deputy Register of Wills and Clerk of Orphans’ Court Division for Delaware County, PA, who has developed a passion for helping others through real estate investment.

– Kristine M. Dick, President        

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How I Can Help You with Your Home

I provide options to anyone looking for help unloading a home that is need of work. Whether it is purchasing your home through a direct sale, engaging in a joint venture to sell the property, or just a clean-out of your home/property, my team of associates are ready to work with you.

Are you the Executor, Administrator, Trustee, or Lawyer for an Estate/Trust?

As the former Chief Deputy, Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans’ Court of Delaware County, PA, I have extensive knowledge of the challenges that those of you who are Executors, Administrators of Estates or Trustees of Trusts face in handling issues with real estate. I also know what it is like to lose a loved one and have the hurdles of handling their affairs, including what to do with their home, especially if it is in disrepair. Please contact me for an easy solution to buy the home, help you sell it through a joint venture, or simply clean it out!

Facing a Mortgage Foreclosure or Tax Sale?

Sometimes life can be tough, and making ends meet impossible. Our team has assisted those in the dire situation of a pending Mortgage Foreclosure or Tax Sale of their homes by quickly buying the homes/mortgages for cash. Once we intervene, and the team makes the purchase, your home will be removed from the financial institution’s Mortgage Foreclosure action or your county’s listing for Tax Sale. One less headache for you to deal with! If you are interested in a quick purchase of your home/mortgage like this, please contact me today!

Offering Cash for Homes

Our Mission

Our mission at KMDick Real Estate Investments is to provide you a hassle free, personalized approach to buying your home or simply assisting you with cleaning it out.

  • Our team will buy your home AS-IS
  • Cash offers within 24 hours
  • Go to settlement in as early as 10-14 days
  • No realtor commissions to worry about
  • Absolutely no hidden costs or fees
  • Our team will take care of all closings costs
  • No need to clean out your house prior to sale
  • Your timeline – you choose when to move out!
  • If you only want a clean out, no problem!
  • No formal home inspections needed
  • No repairs needed

If you are looking for a joint venture to help you sell your home, our team can enter into an agreement with you to handle all of the repairs, upgrades, inspections, marketing of the home, and its sale. You would receive an agreed-upon amount from the sale. We will take the anxiety out of selling your home!

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